Today’s check

Weight a smidgen lighter.  2.32% weight loss since a week ago.

This post mentions lots of brands and stuff.  If that chaps your hide, skip.

This morning, I did my first Power 90 (not the “X” version, crikey!) workout.  I mentally knew to take it easy, but I still sampled too much from each of the exercises.  Sooooore.  Anyway, the grand plan is coming together: exercise every day.  Run some days, do strength exercises others.  The P90 thing is in fact an every day program, too, and toggles between strength days and cardio.  I’m not 100% sure if I can both run and do the cardio program on my running days, or how to make that work.   But the most important thing is populating my non-running days with a regime that exercises other stuff.

My shipment of veggie jerkies arrived!  We’re going to do a taste-off at work.  So far, I like Stonewall’s Jerquee, teriyaki flavor, the best.

Food today went ok.  Still high on carbs, low on fat, low on calories.   Bob’s Red Mill’s stone cut oats, boiled for 20 minutes, is heavenly.  Also, I’m not a peanut butter person, but the Bee’s Knees stuff is great.

Salad, ripe strawberries, eggs for dinner.  Meal tasted fabulous.

Tomorrow: week 3, run 2.  Feels like forever since I last ran.  Looking forward to it, sortof?

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